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New Digital Bible Experience for Preteen Students


How do you get a preteen to spend more time reading the Bible? This is one of the most popular questions I get as the Preteen Director. In true Preteen Ministry fashion, I ask them a question back: What kind of Bible or devotionals are they reading? Preteens are starting to own their own faith and they need a way to read the Bible that works for them. This can mean a fe...

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Approval Rating: 100%

I have an approval rating of 100%. I haven't earned it. My rating is not a result of faithful service or leadership savvy. But I have it anyways. This past weekend I was out on my early morning walk, listening to a worship playlist from my son Jared, when I got ambushed by a line from a Maverick City Music song titled Communion: I don't have to prove a thing. You've al...

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A Long, Long Time Ago, I Can Still Remember

My first ministry role after seminary was at a church in Chicago that had its own camp, on the Tahquamenon River in the UP. No electricity, no running water. Outhouses. And a few mosquitos. 6 weeks with high school students in the middle of #puremichigan every summer. I loved every minute of it. Outdoor worship, teaching, and small group discussions. Life-on-life discip...

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My Lessons from Lockdown

I woke up early (4:30am) this past Monday morning, and began getting ready for my morning walk. But I deviated from my normal routine just a bit, and turned on the national news while I was getting dressed.I could immediately sense my anxiety level rising, until I remembered a great piece of advice from church the day before, as part of ourLessons from Lockdownseries. "B...

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The Blame Game


We can spend our time processing the past, or we can take a moment to invite Jesus into our present situation....

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20 Prayers for This Season

NOTE: I wrote this blog Monday morning before Gov. Whitmer's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" pronouncement. As you know, our teams have done a tremendous job these last couple of weekends in providing excellent online worship experiences, where our engagement numbers have been over 1500 views each week. While we will modify our approach going forward, we will still continue to shar...

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Should I?


Please, I'm begging you, stop with all the 'New Year, New You' advice. It's overwhelming. Do this! Stop doing that! Eat more this! Eat less that! Move more, rest more, read more. I get it. Apparently, I was a loser in 2019 and it's time to pull myself together. Here's the deal: I hate it when people tell me what to do (shocker). If I come to my own conclusion about a ne...

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Not your parents' Christianity


I came to saving faith by way of an AC/DC song (what, that's not typical?). I was 14 years old and attending a very Baptist-y Baptist school. A group of kids from another Christian school came and put on a play for chapel...the story line consisting of kids at a party listening to "Highway To Hell", one drinks too much and drives, crashes, and goes straight to hell. Nothi...

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New Year and Historic Anniversary


On this date in history, Lincoln published his famous proclamation....

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Reaching the world from here

Bunting Center of the World rev

All of us are called to be on mission, but few of us are called to serve in a foreign field. We can do great work for God without leaving our home country....

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