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Should I?


Please, I'm begging you, stop with all the 'New Year, New You' advice. It's overwhelming. Do this! Stop doing that! Eat more this! Eat less that! Move more, rest more, read more. I get it. Apparently, I was a loser in 2019 and it's time to pull myself together. Here's the deal: I hate it when people tell me what to do (shocker). If I come to my own conclusion about a ne...

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Not your parents' Christianity


I came to saving faith by way of an AC/DC song (what, that's not typical?). I was 14 years old and attending a very Baptist-y Baptist school. A group of kids from another Christian school came and put on a play for chapel...the story line consisting of kids at a party listening to "Highway To Hell", one drinks too much and drives, crashes, and goes straight to hell. Nothi...

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New Year and Historic Anniversary


On this date in history, Lincoln published his famous proclamation....

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Reaching the world from here

Bunting Center of the World rev

All of us are called to be on mission, but few of us are called to serve in a foreign field. We can do great work for God without leaving our home country....

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Give the crowd something great to watch

weightlifer strength

Our lives are the only bible most people will ever see. Let’s give them something great to watch....

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Changing persectives

blue marble

When we are confronted with someone else’s perspective, we gain a deeper glimpse of the reality in which we live. ...

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Expand your box

Sometimes I keep God in a box....

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Wait... Thanksgiving already?


It's happening. The holidays are inching in to every space.Target (naturally!), TV (hello Hallmark Channel!) and our schedules. If your family is like mine there are phone calls, emails and texts flying trying to figure out the plan for this year. When will we get together this year? What day, what time, what place, what food? In my mind it should be so much easier. Make ...

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Call me Pops

Today I become a grandpa. At least that's the plan....

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Treasure hidden in a field

Lisbon Explorers rev2

You are not lost. Look up - God sees and treasures you!...

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