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Feet on grass

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 7.45.21 AM

Sitting there made it more personal, more real....

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Everyday Heroes

Mark Pawlak is one of my everyday heroes....

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It's not just about us

"Worship in the Park" this past Sunday reminded me why Hopevale is in Bay City......

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God plays the long game


I've never made a time capsule. ...

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What I learned

So you've heard Dan's feedback on our three months away. In case you're interested another take on it, here are a few things I learned on our sabbatical. Apparently I can't eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and not work out for three solid months. Dan, of course, is another story. This is a sad reality. On a more positive note, rest is a good thing. I learned t...

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A gift.

Our sabbatical was a gift....

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It's my privilege.

I learned a few things this past weekend on a whirlwind tour of churches in north Dallas....

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Freedom, Transformation, Glory


Baptism services remind me why we are here....

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Brent Showed Up

New Student Pastor 2019...

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There's a bigger story

"There’s a bigger story. You have a part. It is yours and yours alone."...

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