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Archives for January 2016

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Did You Know…? 01.31.16

January 31, 2016 - Cereal Insights, Part II Did you know that last Sunday we broke our silence and released some of Hopevale staff's favorite breakfast cereals? Did you know that we have uncovered more info? Take a look -- Steve Fletcher Director of Finance Operations - Cap'n Crunch (he has a ship!) Ginny Fitzsimons Admin Assistant - Shredded Wheat Raquel Cooper W...

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What's with the coffee?

What IS with the coffee? What's with the new cups and lids and now we need sleeves to not burn our hands off? And now there are pictures of cute Rwandan kids all around with 'Suggested Donation $1" containers. The cups are bigger. The coffee's stronger. And thankfully at least they keep putting my creamer out in XL containers. I mean we've had coffee around here on Sun...

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Did You Know…? 01.24.16

January 24, 2016 Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? (yeah, 'everybody knows that'). Did you know that some of our Hopevale staff have incredibly weird choices in favorite breakfast cereals? What do you think? Adam Harbaugh Outreach Pastor Raisin Nut Bran, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and bacon (not a cereal, but) Amy Ryan Finance Manager Qua...

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Did You Know…? 01.17.16

January 17, 2016Did you know that the coffee's all new around here? (And incredibly delicious! We brewed a new blend last week; give it a try!)Did you know that Hopevale is now supporting coffee farmers and their families in Rwanda through Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee?Did you know that even though we used to give our coffee away we're now asking people to pitch in $1 if...

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Did You Know…? 01.10.16

January 10, 2016 Did you know that our Christmas Eve Offering (CEO) collected in December was $165,113.48? (Moment of silence.)(Huge moment of YAY God!) Did you know that your sacrificial giving to that offering means that many people outside the walls of our church will experience life-changing ministry in the name of Jesus? Did you know that the offering given in 2014...

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Did You Know….? 01.03.16

January 3, 2016 Did you know that people are talking about our Christmas Eve services? Did you know that we had 4,257 people join us in our four services that day? Did you know that the families who lit the Advent Candle were leaders in our church? (the LeCureuxs, Baldwins, Clines and Zimmermans) We LOVE them! Did you know that Adam Prime was the soloist that hit it ou...

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