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Archives for February 2016

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Did You Know...? 02.28.16

February 28, 2016Did you know that on February 14th we had a very special Sunday at Hopevale?Did you know we kicked off a church wide project that everyone got to participate in?Did you know even our littlest Hopevalers (as young as 4 years old) were part of the action?(For you stats people we handed out 1,780 envelopes to people in the auditorium. In Kid City/Tot Town we...

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Did You Know...? 02.21.16

February 21, 2016 Did you know Hopevale offered a financial conference to our congregation and surrounding community on January 16? Did you know the conference, called Master Your Money, included 14 practical financial workshops led by Hopevalers? Did you know Pastor Dan and Pastor Ken led two large-group sessions called Investing in What Matters? Did you know eight lo...

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Did You Know...? 02.14.16

February 14, 2016 Valentine's Edition On this Valentine's Day, here's the names of our staff and their valentine/spouse (aka, for the guys, their better half!). Did you know that they all are wonderful and fun Jesus followers? We are so thankful for each of them and all the ways they are part of the Hopevale team! Sam Burke (Sarah) Pete Carlson (Jean) Jim Clunie (Dori...

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Did You Know...? 02.07.16

February 7, 2015 Coffee Update Did you know that we have new coffee at Hopevale? (how could you miss it?!) Did you know that our new coffee has been a huge hit? Did you know that we're asking people to 'pitch in $1 if you can' for coffee and people really are? Did you know that in each of the past five weeks the coffee has paid for itself? (that's pretty huge! Thank y...

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