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Did You Know...? 05.22.16

May 22, 2016 Drinking Coffee, Doing Good! Did you know that in January 2016 Hopevale totally upped our coffee game? Did you know that all the coffee we brew on Sundays now has a dual purpose? It's true! Coffee creates community in our lobby AND every single coffee bean that we buy now benefits farmers and their families in Rwanda. Can't beat that! Did you know that the...

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Did You Know...? 02.07.16

February 7, 2015 Coffee Update Did you know that we have new coffee at Hopevale? (how could you miss it?!) Did you know that our new coffee has been a huge hit? Did you know that we're asking people to 'pitch in $1 if you can' for coffee and people really are? Did you know that in each of the past five weeks the coffee has paid for itself? (that's pretty huge! Thank y...

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What's with the coffee?

What IS with the coffee? What's with the new cups and lids and now we need sleeves to not burn our hands off? And now there are pictures of cute Rwandan kids all around with 'Suggested Donation $1" containers. The cups are bigger. The coffee's stronger. And thankfully at least they keep putting my creamer out in XL containers. I mean we've had coffee around here on Sun...

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Did You Know…? 01.17.16

January 17, 2016Did you know that the coffee's all new around here? (And incredibly delicious! We brewed a new blend last week; give it a try!)Did you know that Hopevale is now supporting coffee farmers and their families in Rwanda through Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee?Did you know that even though we used to give our coffee away we're now asking people to pitch in $1 if...

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