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8 Days, 1 Story - Day 1: Hosanna!


Almost 2,000 years ago, palm branches were laid out like a red carpet.  He would make His Triumphal Entrance into the city. This, the One they thought was actually God in the flesh, the One they kept hearing about that did miracles and blessed and healed people. This, the promised One that would save all of mankind for their sins and make a way to eternity with God the Father forever. This, the One that had every right and reason to come into the city riding on the clouds with chariots and hundreds of horses pulling and making a spectacle. Instead, He decided to do the exact opposite. While still claiming to be God in the flesh and One with the Father, He rode into town in the humblest of ways...on a donkey. Quietly. No fanfare. No jubilant display. It was the same way he showed up on scene at His birth.

The city that rang out with cries of “Hosanna! (‘Lord, save us!’) Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest! (Luke 19:38)” would soon resound with shouts of “Crucify him!” just days later.

Jesus knew full well that He would be killed. Still His heart ached with compassion for those who would put Him to death.

“Peace on earth,” the angels cried when they announced His birth. “Peace in heaven,” the people cried when they announced His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. When He hung on the cross, He satisfied the desire of heaven and fulfilled the longing of earth. In His death and resurrection, He met all of the requirements to bring peace between the two. Truly, Jesus Christ of Nazareth IS the Prince of Peace!


Billy Petty, Worship Pastor