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8 Days, 1 Story

My life doesn't typically slow down during the 8 days from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

I wish it did. Jesus' story that unfolds during these 8 days is foundational to my faith, to my life. To my purpose. I know this is true; I know the story.

But too often I find myself busy with the things of my life, and I don't make time to slow down and consider the journey Jesus took for me. Holy Week becomes just like any other week. And before I know it we are at Easter Sunday, and I've missed it. My only "preparation" has been to make brunch reservations, and tell my kids to "dress a little nicer" for church.

Can you relate? Hopevale family, let's not miss it this year.

Our staff team has created an 8-day journey for us to take together. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, we will follow Jesus' story. There will be images and video from Hopevale's recent trip to Israel, along with devotional thoughts each morning from our staff team, a worship gathering on Maundy Thursday, and a self-guided, interactive prayer experience on Good Friday.

New "8 Days, 1 Story" content will post each morning at 7am. There are three different ways you can access:

Let's take the 8 days of Holy Week to engage with the story together. And then let's gather on Easter Sunday to celebrate our risen Savior!

HOPE for everyONE!


Pastor Paul Miller

Parents -- you can access family versions of the "8 Days, 1 Story" content here: Nursery/Preschool or Elementary/Preteen