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8 Days, 1 Story - Day 6 (Family Edition)

 Friday - Day 6 - Jesus is Crucified, Matthew 27:32 - 56

Jesus didn’t need to, but He loves us. 

  • Say - Let’s review what we have learned so far about what Jesus has done for us.   If you made story stones, use them to have the kids review the story themselves.   Help as needed.  
  • Read Matthew 27: 32 - 56 NIrV or NLT from your bible or bible app.  For younger kids find the story in your story bible where they talk about Jesus being crucified.
  • Watch a video here (The crucifixion can be hard to watch and may be more for older children. Please watch before sharing with your children. 
  • Discuss: Use these questions or some of your own.
    • What happened to Jesus?
    • Do you ever do wrong things?  These things are called sin.
    • Because of these things, do you ever get in trouble?
    • We all do wrong things, and that is why Jesus had to die.  He did it because he LOVES us.   He wanted to take our punishment. 
    • Did Jesus ever do anything wrong?
    • What did they do to Jesus before he died?
    • Today, what we talked about is sad.  But, our story isn’t over!  

                Questions for older kids:

    • How many robbers / criminals died with Jesus?
    • How are we like the robbers?
    • What happened when Jesus died?
    • Why did Jesus have to die?
    • Have you ever asked Jesus to forgive you for your sins?  
    • This could lead to talking with your children about praying for salvation.  Click here for a link to our Salvation Guide for parents.   
  • Pray:  Pray together.  Encourage your kids to pray or you can pray something like this with them:     Dear Lord, it makes us so sad to hear of all the things that they did to Jesus.  He didn’t deserve to be treated this way.  We are so thankful that Jesus went through all of this for us!  We look forward to learning more and it makes us so happy that this was not the end of the story!   Please help us to remember that you love us so much that you would allow this to happen.   
  • Extra Activities:
    • Make a Story Stone or Cards - For today, your picture would be the crosses on the hill. story stones


    • Make the 3 crosses out of play dough, sticks, legos or drawing a picture.  Talk about how Jesus died on the cross to take our punishment away.  Jesus didn’t need to do this, but he did because he loves us.  Jesus died so that we don’t have to.  Lego-Easter-scenes-14