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Day 2 Devotional for Families

Monday - Day 2 - Jesus gives the Lord’s supper

Matthew 26:17 - 29

Jesus wants us to remember Him. 

  • Ask Do you remember what we talked about yesterday?  Today we are going to continue the true story of the life of Jesus.  Use yesterday’s story stone to help remember.
  • Read Matthew 26:17 - 29 NIrV or NLT from your bible or bible app.  For younger kids find the story in your story bible where they talk about Jesus’ Last Supper


  • Discuss: Use these questions or some of your own.
    • What is one of your favorite meals or things we eat at special times like holidays?
    • Those are often special meals, just like Passover in bible times in our story. It is a time for us to remember all Jesus has done for us.  This was a way Jesus wanted his friends to remember him and remember that Jesus loves you. 
    • How do we remember our friends and family?
    • What are some things that remind you that Jesus loves you?

Questions for older kids:

    • Who was Jesus with during the Last Supper?
    • What did Jesus say the bread and wine represented? 
    • Who was going to betray Jesus?
    • How do we remember this special meal in church today?
  • Pray:  Pray together.  Encourage your kids to pray or you can pray something like this:  

Dear Lord, thank you for loving us.  Thank you that you loved your friends and us so much that you gave us all  a meal to be reminded of your love.  Please help us to find things in our lives that help us to remember just how much you love us.  In Jesus name,  Amen.


  • Extra Activity:
    • Make a Story Stone or Cards - For today, your picture would be a cup and loaf of bread.   See the picture for an idea of what this weeks stones could look like. story stones
    • Discuss communion.  Have Bread / crackers and juice. 
      • Hold up the bread and ask what Jesus said it represents.  Repeat with the juice.
      • Walk through what communion looks like at church and the importance of the event.   Let them ask questions.