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8 Days, 1 Story - Day 5 (Family Edition)

Thursday -   Day 5 - Jesus is Mocked, Matthew 27:27 - 31

Today is a day for us to think about just how much Jesus went through for us. 

  • Ask  Do you remember what we talked about yesterday?  If you have done the story stones, it’s a great day to recap what you have done all week. 
  • Read Matthew 27:27 - 31 NIrV or NLT from your bible or bible app.  For younger kids, find the story in your story bible where they talk about Jesus being mocked leading up to crucifixion. 
  • Discuss: Use these questions or some of your own.
    • Have you ever been made fun of? 
    • Who mocked or made fun of Jesus?
    • What did they tease him about?  (saying he was the Kind of the Jews)
    • How would that have made you feel?

                Questions for older kids:

    • How does it make you feel when someone is making fun of you? 
    • When they mocked Jesus, did they just say thing to him?
    • What are ways that they hurt him physically?
    • Did Jesus deserve to be arrested and made fun of?
    • Jesus could have stopped this, but why did he let it continue?
  • Pray:  Pray together.  Encourage your kids to pray or you can pray something like this with them:  

Dear Lord, it makes us so sad to hear of all the things that they did to Jesus.  He didn’t deserve to be treated this way.  We are so thankful that Jesus went through all of this for us!  We look forward to learning more and it makes us so happy that this was not the end of the story!   Please help us to remember that you love us so much that you would allow this to happen.    

  • Extra Activities:
    • Make a Story Stone or Cards - For today, your picture would be a crown of thorns.  story stones  
    • Attend Maundy Thursday service at Hopevale Saginaw, 6pm service has children’s programming through 5th grade.