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8 Days, 1 Story - Day 7: Purpose on the other side of suffering

Imagine the worst day of your life. Everything that gave you hope and joy a week ago has been suddenly and violently taken away. You feel numb. Broken. Hopeless. That’s how Jesus’ followers must have felt on this particular Saturday, almost 2,000 years ago. Yesterday, they watched helplessly as their friend, Jesus, was brutally crucified on a cross. Jesus was dead; all their hope was buried with Him. 

Have you ever felt that kind of hopelessness? Where everything seems pointless and painfully uncertain? Maybe you’re there now? It’s not a good place to be. Naturally, we want resolution and for the pain to go away. We long for all things to be made new. Yet, it’s important to obediently walk through the valley of the shadow of death because there’s a purpose on the other side of suffering that we can’t see while in the middle of it. 

If you’re in the middle of a valley today; remember, God is always at work and He specializes in bringing what is dead back to life. He leaves signs of His handiwork in the middle of the pain, even when we don’t have the eyes to see or understand what He’s up to. Even the moment Jesus died, a sign was given when the massive curtain containing God’s presence in the temple was supernaturally torn in two. Something world-altering happened, but resolution wasn’t experienced….yet.


So while Saturday was gut wrenching and hopeless, this sign gave a glimpse into the fresh, new hope that was being ushered in - and it changed everything! Death opened the door to life for everyone. We are invited to boldly approach his throne of grace with confidence, no matter our circumstances. So if life feels hopeless today, remember, Sunday is coming and Jesus is victorious!

Adam Harbaugh, Outreach Pastor