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8 days, 1 Story - Day 7 (Family Edition)

Saturday - Day 7 - Jesus is Buried, Matthew 27: 57 - 66  

  • Say - Let’s review what we have learned so far about what Jesus has done for us.   If you made story stones, use them to have the kids review the story themselves.   Help as needed.  
  • Read Matthew 27: 27: 57 - 66 NIrV or NLT from your bible or bible app.  For younger kids, find the story in your story bible where they talk about Jesus being buried in the tomb, it may be part of the full story including Jesus rising - so you can stop before you get to that point.
  • Watch a video here to see what a tomb would have looked like. (You may want to watch these before to make sure your child will be ok with them.) : 
  • Discuss: Use these questions or some of your own.
    • What happened to Jesus after he died on the cross?  
    • Who took care of his body?
    • Was there someone watching the tomb? 
    • How did they make sure no one got into the tomb? 

               Questions for older kids:

    • What did Jesus say would happen after three days?
    • How do you think the disciples felt on this day? 
  • Pray:  Pray together.  Encourage your kids to pray or you can pray something like this with them:  

Lord, we are so amazed by what you have done for us.  Thank you for following through with your promises so that we can know that the Bible is true.  Please help us to continue to remember that your promises are true.  

  • Extra Activities:
    • Make a Story Stone or Cards - For today, your picture would be a tomb.    story stones
    • Build a resurrection garden using legos or plants.  Here are a few pictures of samples.                            218495019391568479_3wI73Ndz_f     Lego-Easter-3-Edited


    • Prepare resurrection rolls to make for tomorrow morning.  You can make them tonight or prepare everything for tomorrow.  You can find all the information by clicking here
    • Join us tomorrow for Easter Services in Saginaw at 8am, 9:30am, 11am, 12:30pm or Bay City at 10:30.