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8 Days, 1 Story - Day 8 (Family Edition)

Sunday -Day 8 - Jesus is Alive!, Matthew 28

Let us celebrate that He is Alive!

  • Say - Let’s review what we have learned so far about what Jesus has done for us.   If you made story stones, use them to have the kids review the story themselves.   Help as needed.  
  • Read Matthew 28 NIrV or NLT from your bible or bible app.  For younger kids, find the story in your story bible where they talk about Jesus being alive!
  • Watch a video here to see what a tomb would have looked like. (You may want to watch these before to make sure your child will be ok with them.) : 


  • Discuss: Use these questions or some of your own.
    • Who rolled away the stone?
    • What happened when Mary got to the tomb?
    • Jesus’ tomb was empty because he didn’t stay there.  He’s Alive!!  He is here with us today! 
    • Talk about things that are alive.  Then, talk about how just like those things, Jesus is alive too! 
    • Why is it so important that Jesus is alive?  

             Questions for older kids:

    • What did many people think happened to Jesus’ body?
    • How do we know that Jesus is alive?
    • What does it mean for us that Jesus is alive? 
    • In Matthew 28:16 - 20, what did Jesus tell the disciples do?
    • How can we do that today? 
    • Another great time to discuss salvation if your child is interested - remember the salvation guide.
  • Pray:  Pray together.  Encourage your kids to pray or you can pray something like this with them:  

Lord, wow, there are no words that can every say how thankful we are that you no only sent Jesus here to die and take the punishment for us, but also that He has risen!  Thank you that he beat death so that we can have new life with you.  Please help us to remember to share the great news to other people today!  Thank you and we love you! Amen.

  • Extra Activities:
    • Make a Story Stone or Cards - For today, your picture would be a sun.   story stones
    • Make & Eat your resurrection rolls from yesterday!  
    • Move the stone away from the tomb if you built the resurrection garden yesterday. 
    • Tell everyone you see today that Jesus is risen! He is Alive!   If you have a gathering today, you could even bring your story stones to help share with others.