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A gift.


A gift. The past three months of sabbatical were just that.  We didn’t know what to expect as Cathy and I headed out away from work, routine, and our loved church family.  Goal – rest and refreshment.  Goal -- to experience Jesus in who we are, not tied to what we do, whatever that looks like.

Well, we found out. Jesus met us around every corner, whether spending time with all of our extended family, many of whom we don’t get to see often, having fun together experiencing new things, and allowing others to pour spiritually into us. It looked like lots of travel, eating, reading, resting, praying, talking, laughing, sharing, listening, walking, driving, flying and exploring. This 90-second video will give you a 1 second glimpse of each day we were away...


Thank you to Cass Ferris, and the elders, and Paul Miller and the staff, for making this possible by covering the bases and allowing me to be completely off the (Hopevale) grid. And thank you to you for praying for us and believing with us for God to show up. We have come back with a renewed vision of the God we serve and a humble gratefulness for being able to serve here, with you, at Hopevale. Can’t wait to see what He unfolds as we trust Him, living 168 and offering Hope for Everyone. A gift.

Thank you Hopevale,
Pastor Dan

PS Thanks for all the feedback on the beard!


Thank you for sharing. Happy you enjoyed your time. Miss everyone since I moved to Wyoming.
Love this! And I'm sure I won't be the first to say, "the beard?! Moses has come down from the mountain and his countenance truly reflects he's been with God!" Love to see Cathy's smile and the love of this couple for each other, their family and all those they serve. Welcome back and may God continue to bless ALL that you set your heart and mind to. ~ In Christ Alone, Naomi
Welcome back Dan and Cathy! We have missed you, but are glad this experience has been so great!

Tim and Cindy
What a blast...the video was WAY too short...did Jack get a puppy? How was Harley? You two were BUSY!!! WOW...I'm exhausted just thinking about it! So very happy that it was a great the bar is set!
Was thinking about you two today because today is Jonathan & Heather's 9th anniversary!! I'll never forget their wedding and how much fun we all had....the memories...of which you two were such an intergal part! We still reminisce ....I hope Jack's wedding will be as special! She seems to be a VERY SPECIAL young lady!! You need to know I missed you guys...even though we don't spend much time together anymore, I hate it when my "peeps" are on vacation or intangible....just one of my isms! Love you!

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