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Brent Showed Up

I remember the day Brent showed up at my house, and God changed everything.

I was an incoming high school freshman, and Brent was the new Student Pastor. When he showed up at my house, I thought he simply wanted to shoot baskets in the driveway, and take me and my friends out for pizza. But God’s plan was to use Brent during my high school years to completely change the trajectory of my life – to model an authentic faith for me, to identify and develop my leadership gift, to teach me to think beyond myself, and to unleash in me a calling to ministry that I am still leaning into 30 years later.

Brent Thomas was the new Student Pastor at my church. He showed up, and God changed everything.

It’s about to happen again.

Brent Ferris is starting this month as our new Student Pastor, and I could not be more excited for the students and families of Hopevale! Brent is a man of God. He lives his faith out loud. And he is passionate about calling students to live into all that God has for them.

In addition, Sam Burke (our NextGen Pastor and Brent's supervisor) will now be able to give more focused leadership to growing our College Ministry.


Brent and Sam will be with our students on the upcoming Youth Retreat, and you will get the chance to meet Brent in person on an upcoming Sunday (March 24 in Saginaw, March 31 in Bay City). Get ready! Brent is showing up. And God is changing everything…

For the Great Lakes Bay Region,
Paul Miller
Executive Pastor, Hopevale