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Changing persectives

blue marble

This image is upside down! Well, its upside down based on the way I am used to seeing it and that is a problem. Because I am familiar with just one perspective, I lose considerable insight. With this new perspective, Canada now looks much larger than the U.S. (it is) and Russia seems huge (as it should, since Russia covers 11 time-zones).

All of us have a point of view, a unique vantage point from which we see our story evolving. When we are confronted with someone else’s perspective, someone who sees the world differently than we do, we gain a deeper glimpse of the reality in which we live. 

World maps aren’t the only place where our perspectives might be limiting. Frequently, our understanding of global missions is limited to either a sermon we once heard, a missionary we once met, or a site we once visited. That is one of the reasons that Hopevale has decided to host the region-wide course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

Perspectives is a 15-week missions experience. Each week, a mission’s expert will visit Hopevale to present their perspective on God’s mission to reach the lost. Perspectives is not a class a class to prepare you to be a missionary, but a chance to experience the ways God is using His people to be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth.

In Perspectives, we will explore God’s plan for the nations throughout the whole of the bible and church history to the present. We will discover expressions of the New Testament church thriving among the nations and the unique opportunities that creates for us to be a part of God’s greater purpose. Come join us beginning January 13!

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