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Did You Know...? 02.28.16

February 28, 2016
Did you know that on February 14th we had a very special Sunday at Hopevale?
Did you know we kicked off a church wide project that everyone got to participate in?
Did you know even our littlest Hopevalers (as young as 4 years old) were part of the action?
(For you stats people – we handed out 1,780 envelopes to people in the auditorium. In Kid City/Tot Town we gave over 230 envelopes! Whew!)
Did you know that the cards posted in our North Campus lobby are the stories of what people did to ‘show the love of Jesus in a practical way’?
Did you know that for many of us God has used this to draw us close to Him?
Did you know that we believe that God is showing up in huge ways every.single.time we reach out in His name to care for someone else?
Did you know that it’s so amazing to be a part of something so meaningful…together? (You so already knew that!)
(If you don’t know what exactly the project is, ask around or watch the whole service unfold right on this website!)