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Do We Have To?


I remember family devotions from my childhood. They happened about once a week (which was how often we actually sat down for dinner as a family). I remember the picture Bible we used to read from. And I remember my response every time my dad told us it was time for family devotions...

"Do we have to?"

I called my dad several years ago to apologize.

At Hopevale, we place a high value on partnering with parents as they raise their children to hear about and know Jesus. It goes way beyond picture Bibles and family devotions. That's why I am so excited about the new FX initiative we are launching in our Children's Ministry. Our goal is to provide shared "Family Experiences" (FX) for parents and kids, creative environments where they can experience Jesus together. We want to equip parents for spiritual conversations with their kids, whether in the car, before bed, or maybe even at the dinner table. Parents are the primary spiritual influence in the lives of their kids, and Hopevale wants to help.

Our first big opportunity to provide a shared family experience will be our Summer FX Family Camp, coming up June 24-27. I cannot wait!

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For the Great Lakes Bay Region,


Paul Miller, Executive Pastor

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We love children's ministries at Hopevale Church. Jodi & her staff are doing a phenomenal job! With Bible Camp, however, we have a few concerns.
1. Most importantly, we hope for children to be taught at a level appropriate to them. For example, what a first grade student hears should be much more simplified than what a 5th grader hears. Will all students be hearing exactly the same lessons each day? Being teachers, this is our biggest concern.
2. We understand the family component to a certain degree. However, making it mandatory that parents attend will mean that some children will not come to Bible Camp and hear about Christ because (hopefully those parents choose another Bible Camp so at least their children hear the Word.)
3. We love to volunteer! I have volunteered with Hopevale Bible Camp the last 20 years, and my wife has volunteered most of the last 10 years. This format forces us to stop serving. We want to serve!

We are undecided on our VBS plans for this summer at this time, but want to share our concerns.
Again, we love what is happening with children's ministries, however, the VBS plans don't align with what works for our family based on the information we have received so far. Thank you!
Brian and Tina

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