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Feet on grass

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Feet on grass. That is a term we used in our home during the college selection years.  You know, 17 year-olds with test scores, budgets and dreams of their next steps out of high school. They read all the brochures, researched on line and chatted it up with their friends. They had opinions and leanings. But, before the decisions were made we knew we needed to get ‘feet on grass.' We needed to go to the campus and let our wide eyed, opinionated future college student walk around, talk to people who lived and breathed that school, and ask all their questions, but mostly to see and to feel. To put their feet on the grass. 

I thought about that on my recent trip to Israel. No big choice to be made, but still I wanted to know more. I wanted to see and feel the places where Jesus actually walked, talked, lived and died (and rose!) during his earthly ministry. Would things be different in my relationship with Jesus if I got ‘feet on grass?' Off we went last March, 30 of us from Hopevale, to experience the Holy Land firsthand. And, to sum it all up, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes it makes a difference to see it, touch it, walk it, to hear and experience all the places Jesus was. A specific highlight for me was sitting among the olive trees in the actual Garden of Gethsemane, reading Matthew 26 and reflecting on the choice Jesus made to go to the cross. I knew the story and had reflected on it countless times, but sitting there made it more personal. More real.

Want to jump on a plane and head to Israel? We could get feet on grass together! Maybe a first step would be for you to hear from someone who lives and breathes Israel, and we’ve got that opportunity. The closest thing to actually going ourselves will be here this Sunday night. Up close and personal. See you there?

Cathy Davis


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