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HOPE for EveryONE

This morning one of the church leadership blogs I read regularly came out with a post about 3 things I should NOT be doing today. Great advice for me as a fairly-focused, often-driven church leader:

  1. Don't compare your Easter Sunday to other churches in town.
  2. Don't just come into the office, jump on email, and get back to work as if Easter never happened.
  3. Don't forget to follow up with all the visitors who came to church. 

#1 and #3, non-issues. I'm not into comparing, and our awesome Welcome Ministries team was already connecting with all our visitors. #2 is where I would most likely land. But I have to say, this hasn't been an issue either.

I had such an amazing week; I had a front row seat for so many God-encounters. You see, I got to track the number of people who engaged in our "8 Days, 1 Story" devo last week. I received the emails from people in our church family, telling us how God used those blog posts to draw them into the story. I got to watch as my kids sat mesmerized (so did I, honestly) by the living art piece in the Maundy Thursday services. I sat outside the HUB on Good Friday, talking and praying with folks as they came out of the guided prayer experience (and I knew the same thing was happening in our Bay City Ministry Center).

And then I heard reports from both our Bay City and Saginaw campuses, of how God was at work through our Easter services. He is risen indeed!

Today I'm celebrating. I'm grateful to the Lord for all the ways he showed up. How he wooed people to himself.

And I want to thank you Hopevale, for leaning in last week. 8 days, 1 story. There is indeed HOPE for everyONE!

For the Great Lakes Bay region,


Paul Miller, Executive Pastor

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