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It's my privilege.

As I write this, I am sitting at my gate at DFW airport, waiting for a return flight to Michigan. It has been a whirlwind of a trip. I flew down on Friday, and met up with Pete Carlson to visit 4 churches in 4 days. Pete and I learned a ton about best practices in digital media and church communications; things we can apply back at Hopevale.

I was also reminded of a few things unrelated to the main purpose of our trip:

-- I love the local church, in all of its various forms and expressions. It's the bride of Christ! We are inviting people to know and follow Jesus, and I just love it.

-- I'm anxious to get back to Hopevale. Dan Davis is returning from sabbatical this week, and I missed my staff teammates this past weekend. We have seen some great churches here in Dallas, but I love Hopevale. It's my privilege to serve here. See you all on Sunday.

-- Pete Carlson really is Macgyver (check out his drone video footage of Dallas below).

-- I am a midwest guy, but Texas BBQ is better. Just keepin' it real.

For the Great Lakes Bay Region,
Paul Miller

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