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Introducing Adam Harbaugh (yeah, that guy with the beard)

"Inviting people to know and follow Jesus." Sounds awesome. How exactly do we do that?

When I was interviewing at Hopevale for the Executive Pastor position, I asked that question of as many different church leaders as I could. "How does this church help people know and follow Jesus?" And for the past year since I joined the team, we have been engaged in an ongoing conversation about raising our effectiveness in helping people grow at Hopevale.
After much prayer, listening, and conversation, I am thrilled to introduce Pastor Adam Harbaugh as our new Adult Ministries Lead Pastor. Adam has been faithfully serving on our pastoral staff team at Hopevale for 11 years. He has had multiple roles during that time, including Student Ministries, Pastoral Care, Outreach and Global Missions. He is a respected leader on our staff team, one who is sought out by colleagues for advice and wisdom. And he is passionate about helping people grow.

Welcome Pastor Adam, to your new role on our team.
Look for information in the coming months on our expanded vision for Adult Ministries at Hopevale, including how we connect relationally (life is not a solo sport) and how we serve each other and our city (it's not just about us).
For the Great Lakes Bay Region,


Paul Miller