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Annual Membership Vote Results


A leadership mentor of mine once explained to me that there are three aspects to local church pastoral leadership - cause, community, and corporation.

As a pastor I love the cause - making disciples, or "inviting people to know and follow Jesus." I also love the community - the relationships and the people I get to serve.

The corporation has been an acquired taste for me. But without the necessary systems, processes, and organization, Hopevale would never realize its redemptive potential. Without the corporation, the cause and community can't happen.

So today I want to thank you for engaging in the "corporation" at Hopevale, through our annual business meeting and subsequent membership vote. The results are in, and all was overwhelmingly approved:

New Elders - Tim Baldwin, Jerry Eaton, Patrick Loshaw (check out their testimonies).
Church Officers - Aaron Stella (Treasurer), Ginny Fitzsimons (Clerk).
The 2019/2020 Budget was also approved.

FYI -- Cass Ferris will continue this next year as Elder Chairman, and Sam Burke will be replacing Adam Harbaugh in the rotating Staff Elder position. I am anxious to see what God has planned for us as a church this next year, and what he is going to do through all of us, in our city.

For the Great Lakes Bay Region,
Paul Miller


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Well said Paul. I will try to be a blog follower, but don't hold your breath! I'm mostly a wall flower when it comes to FB, blogs, etc. Thanks for doing this!

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