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My daily Walter Mitty moment


Every morning when I get to the Hopevale offices, the first thing I do is fill my YETI with ice water. The other day George Puia was making his morning coffee (I don't drink coffee. Weird, I know. Leave me alone), and he saw me getting my ice water, so I explained my routine to him.

I told George how the YETI barely fits on the ledge of the water cooler. So every morning, instead of being safe and holding it in place, I just let it teeter on the edge of spilling. I'm not really sure why I do this, I just do (Weird, I know. Leave me alone). 

George chuckled as I was explaining my routine to him, and he responded by saying -- "It's your daily Walter Mitty moment."

There are a number of reasons why I love having George Puia on Hopevale staff. Here are just a few:
- George is a great storyteller. And he has a lot of stories.
- George says things to me like "it's your daily Walter Mitty moment."
- George is leaning into his role as Hopevale's Global Missions Director. He is making sure that we are investing in regions of the world where people would otherwise have no opportunity to be invited to Jesus. He is growing our church's heart for the world.

Don't miss Sunday, October 27. Pastor Dan will be talking about LIFE with Purpose, and you will get to hear more about the global footprint of Hopevale. Who knows, George may even get to tell a story or two. See you there!

For the Great Lakes Bay Region (and the world),
Paul Miller


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A short, well written, light-hearted yet impactful little read. Thanks for taking the time.

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