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Outreach Update: Hurricane Relief Team, Houston, TX

groups working together oregon, colorado, new mexico

Hurricane Harvey Relief Team

After the devasting Hurricane Harvey that struck over Houston, TX this past August, Samaritan's Purse assembled volunteer teams to bring hope to the local residents who needed repair to their homes. Samaritan's Purse has had over 10,000 volunteers come to help both Texas and Florida. A group of Hopevaler's jumped on board, assembling a team of 13, that set off on October 13th, 2017 with cars and trucks full of tools. Their stories of God moving in this city is incredible! They see people coming together from all states to help, volunteers not only repairing yards and homes, but willing to take time and offer encouragement and fellowship, and even line dance lessons, to the locals. Samaritan's Purse says they have seen over 500 people come to Christ because of the witness of thousands of volunteers working along side them.

The team has sent pictures below of houses that are so covered in mold and toxic insulation, that they had to wear hazmat suits to work on them. Several pictures show how high the water rose, covering half of the house. Another image shows one of the volunteers using his truck to pull out a car with a dead battery from a garage that was overtaken by mold. They were able to work with other teams as well from Oregon, New Mexico, and Colorado. Several pictures show homeowners who came out to pray with the team.  

Houston, TX 2017– Image 1 of 43

"Completing our  part in Elizabeth's very difficult rebuild, even through the language barrier,  we could all see her faith come through, and never give up attitude, we walked away assured that her and her family would be okay." Bonnie Kanicki

"We worked all morning on this lady's house cutting out drywall about 3 ft up taking out insulation and sanitizing and helping to clean up the house. This lady was so happy and expressed her appreication for our help. God is so good!" Rod Kwaiser