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Pray with eyes wide open

My oldest son Jared was in town for a visit from Kauai last week, and he hadn't yet seen Avengers: End Game, so we hit a midnight showing on Friday night. As a self-professed science geek, I love the quantum physics in that movie. Time travel, alternate futures, how actions today affect outcomes tomorrow.

Today I was reading about prayer in Kingdom Colllaborators, and I was challenged by a quantum-like observation from author Reggie McNeal:

"We tend to think that our past prepares us for the future, because that's how we experience it. The reality is the other way around: future challenges inform today's preparation so we can meet them. This makes God the ultimate source for helping us understand what to do right now, because only he has worked through our future. His instructions are so that we can be better prepared for what's headed our way."

So how do we put ourselves in the position to hear God's instruction in our prayer life? By talking with him, not just talking to him. By realizing that prayer is a conversation. Talking and listening. By praying "with eyes wide open." As Reggie McNeal correctly observes, "God's thoughts and insights are promised to us all (James 1:5); it's just a matter of tuning in."

For the Great Lakes Bay Region,
Paul Miller

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