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Summer FX is not just a Family Experience… it’s a FUN Experience!

Summer FX-2

The tents are out, the orange fence is lining the grass, and dozens of volunteers, all in matching shirts, are ready to greet you and help your family have the best week ever: Our Summer FX week is finally here

This year we have reimagined what the Bible Camp experience looks like at Hopevale.  For years, Bible Camp has been a long-standing tradition at Hopevale and has impacted hundreds and hundreds of families and kids.  Our goal was not to minimize or discredit that impact.  Our goal was simply this: “How can we best champion the family to fight for the faith of their children?”   

The statistics about students walking away from faith when they reach college are grim.  Some polls say around 60% of students will abandon the faith of their childhood when they reach this stage of life.  We hear these statistics all the time.  The statistics we do not hear, however, are that when the family gets involved in the life of the child/student, that percentage DRAMATICALLY DECREASES.  This is why we chose to do a family experience.  We want to fight for the faith of the next generation!

As I am writing this, night one of Summer FX has wrapped.  It was an amazing night of food, games, singing and dancing, listening to a Bible story about how God wants us to KNOW Him, and conversing as families about how to do that in a strategic way at home.  

Hats off to our amazing Kids Ministry team for a very successful night one!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week entails! 

For the Next Generation!


Sam Burke

Next Gen Pastor