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The Church has Left the Building

I love it when the people of God participate in the everyday mission of God.

This past Sunday, instead of gathering for church at John Glenn High School, the people of Hopevale in Bay City gathered at Golson Nature Area and Boat Launch, and spent their morning cleaning up the park and praying for their city. They ended their morning by sharing lunch together before heading home. Here's the text I got from Brent Ferris (Hopevale's Student Pastor):

"Legit one of the coolest days of church I’ve had in a long time."


Typically, the church gathers on Sunday mornings to engage our hearts through worship, and to renew our minds through teaching. But the church also gathers to be sent.

God is already at work in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our schools, our theaters, our parks... And as Christians we get the privilege of participating with him in that work. Sometimes it is through cleaning up a neighborhood. Sometimes it is through serving the "least of these" in our city. Often it is through investing in relationships with folks who have not yet met Jesus.

So today we celebrate with Hopevale in Bay City, and we pray that God will continue to grow all our hearts toward where we have each been sent.

For the Great Lakes Bay Region,


Paul Miller

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