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What I learned

So you’ve heard Dan’s feedback on our three months away.  In case you’re interested another take on it, here are a few things I learned on our sabbatical. 

  1. Apparently I can’t eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and not work out for three solid months. Dan, of course, is another story.  This is a sad reality. 
  1. On a more positive note, rest is a good thing. I learned the value of selah, or pause.  Letting myself stop and soak in Jesus in quiet and unhurried ways.  I value that and hope to put it into practice here is real life. 
  1. Jesus is big. We saw Him in so many different settings, thru different kinds of people and places.  I love how big Jesus is and how He displays His glory thru all parts of the Church. 
  1. Hopevale is our home. We missed you.  We grew to appreciate more and more how unique our church is and how God is working here.  This is hugely encouraging to us.

I know God is speaking to each of you this summer as well.  In all the adventures and stay-cations, He is showing up.  I can’t wait to hear all the things He’s showing you as well. 

Cathy Davis