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Reaching the world from here

Bunting Center of the World rev

All of us are called to be on a mission, but few of us are called to serve in a foreign field. If we have a hunger for missions but don’t see ourselves overseas, can we still help? Yes! In addition to sending missionaries or going ourselves, we can also become welcomers, mobilizers, or intercessors.

Weclomers extend hospitality to strangers. Sending people overseas is difficult and expensive but amazingly the world comes to our very door. Every year about 1 million foreign students enter the U.S. to study, about 700 of them in our region. Locally, we have medical and technical professionals from dozens of countries. The most common birthplaces of our recent arrivals to Michigan are (in order): India, China, Iraq, Bangladesh and Yemen. Our new foreign neighbors are often alone and without friends; we can extend them hospitality and an invitation to know and follow Christ. Jesus compares welcomers to people who feed the hungry, clothe the naked or visit prisoners (Matt 25: 35).

Mobilizers are the talent scouts of the great commission. They may encourage a friend to take a course in missions or write notes of support to existing missionaries. They remind people that we live in large world that needs to hear about Jesus. Mobilizers remind us to welcome, pray, give, and go!

Intercessors are warriors who take the needs of our field workers and the peoples they serve to the throne of grace. They are spiritual soldiers who help clear the enemy’s roadblocks so that God’s message can be multiplied (Eph 6:12).

God has a place for all of us to serve. If we make ourselves available to take up His challenge, together we will see Him receive the glory He deserves from every tribe, language, people, and nation.