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My worship pathway

Gary Thomas in his book Sacred Pathways calls it a contemplative path. Loving God through adoration. All I know is I love worship. It's a pathway to God for me.

It's why I'm constantly bugging Billy Petty with song requests -- "I just heard this great song bro! When can we sing it in church?" Billy loves that.

It's why I occassionally (ok, maybe often) get undone by a worship song on the car stereo, and I have to pull over and hit repeat a few times.

It's why I annoy Pete Carlson, whose office is next to mine at our Saginaw Ministry Center. But he never asks me to turn it down; he just turns his up.

It's also why I am so excited for the upcoming worship night at Hopevale. A full meal of music, prayer, and exaltation. An extended opportunity to glorify Jesus together. This Friday, Oct 18, 7pm at our Saginaw campus. See you there!

For the Great Lakes Bay Region,
Paul Miller

Miss last year's worship night? Here you go...

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