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If you believe in the mission and values of Hopevale Church and want to deepen your commitment to the ministry of this church, we would love to walk beside you as you become a member at Hopevale.

Why_Member_Banner-01God intends for followers of Jesus to commit themselves to a local church. We are taught, encouraged, and supported by fellow believers as we grow in real, everyday ways in Christ. Also, God uses us to encourage and support others as they grow in Christ.Steps_Banner-01Hopevale Pastors and Elders work hard to anchor these steps in the teaching of Scripture and to make the steps clear and encouraging to growing believers in Christ. 

  1. Conversion - You have personally and consciously placed your trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and new life.
  2. Believer’s baptism - You have been, or are willing to be, baptized after personally and consciously giving your life to Jesus.
  3. Direction of life in Christ - You desire to please God in your everyday life, at home, at work, and in secret.
  4. Take Foundations - This is a 6 week course on the essential truths of Christianity. Click here to search for the next "Foundations Study Group".
  5. Recommendation by a Hopevale ministry leader - such as your GroupLife leader or a ministry team leader you serve with at Hopevale.
  6. Approval by our Board of Elders - Once you have completed the prior steps of membership, you will be recommended to our Elders for membership.

To start the process of becoming a member of Hopevale, please click here to fill out the membership application. 

I’m new. Should I pursue membership right away? 

First off, welcome! We are so glad God has led you to Hopevale. We recommend you attend the next Get to Know Hopevale experience to learn more about our Mission, Values, and how you fit. From there, get involved and start pursuing membership. 

Am I automatically a member if I give regularly to Hopevale? 

Giving does not automatically make you a member of Hopevale but thank you so much for giving! Since you are here and believe in Hopevale’s mission and values, we encourage you to pursue the steps to membership. 

Can I serve if I’m not a member?

Yes! We want you to serve others through the gifts and talents God has given you. Some roles, like Elder or Pastor, do require membership. 

What if I was baptized as a believer at a church other than Hopevale?

If you were baptized as a believer in Christ, that fulfills the “believer’s baptism” step of the membership process.

I have questions about baptism at Hopevale. What should I do?

We recommend you take the next baptism class at Hopevale to learn more about believer’s baptism and get your questions answered. No strings attached. Click here for information on the next baptism class dates.

What does Hopevale believe?

Click here to check out Hopevale’s Essential Beliefs and Statement of Faith. 

Can I transfer my membership from another church to Hopevale?

This practice usually happens between churches in the same denomination. We ask that you complete the steps to membership at Hopevale. If it helps, we can send a letter to your previous church leaders to notify them that you are pursuing membership at Hopevale.

What if I have other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or by calling the office at 989.793.3122.