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Middle School

Middle School


7th-8th grades  |  Sundays @ 6pm  

Middle school is a time of change and transition that can be confusing for students.  We want our middle schoolers to know that, even in the midst of this confusion, God loves them and has created them for something BIG!  

On any given Sunday night, middle schoolers will experience fun, laughter, games, music, a message from the Bible geared to their unique phase in life, and a group of friends and mentors to help them process what they are learning.  We meet on Sunday nights during the school year from 6-8 pm at Hopevale's Saginaw Ministry Center (5360 Shattuck Rd).


Parent Resource Page

 Are you a parent of a middle schooler?  We want to partner with you and give you the resources you need to be the most equipped parent you can during this crucial phase.  Click here to visit our parent resource page.

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