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Baptism Service

April 10, 2016 Series: Sermon Singles

Topic: Baptism

Baptism – Identifying With Jesus 

Today we get to witness and celebrate the baptism of several people.

They’ll share with us how they came to trust in Jesus as their Savior and Lord, and how He is changing their lives. Baptism is a special time at our church, not only for those being baptized, but for all of us. Many people at Hopevale have questions about baptism. You may have questions about it. That’s good. We want you to be confident in what the Bible teaches about this important step of faith. I can tell you that, at its core, baptism is about identifying with Jesus.

We all identify with something – think about what’s on your shirts, your cars or computers, the flags or even the mailbox at your house. Sports teams, musicians, movies, vacation spots – you name it. We identify with these things.

Baptism shows publicly that you identify with Jesus above everything and everyone else.

YOU IDENTIFY WITH JESUS IN WHAT HE DID FOR YOU. You believe that He died for your sins and rose again to give you life. In response, you have “died” to your own attempts to make yourself right with God and are trusting in Christ for your forgiveness and new life. Baptism gives us the opportunity to say, “I once was dead in my sins, but now I’m alive in Christ. He has forgiven me and made me new!”

• Baptism also shows publicly that YOU IDENTIFY WITH JESUS IN WHAT HE WANTS FOR YOUR LIFE. It shows that you’re committed to dying to your old way of living and letting Him lead you in living a life that pleases Him and impacts others for God.

In believer’s baptism, we identify with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection for our forgiveness and for our everyday lives. This is the picture that Jesus modeled for us, gave to His church, that has been passed down through the centuries and is practiced by believers in Christ around the world.

So let me challenge you in three ways. 1. Let’s celebrate each person’s story of rescue and new life in Christ as they’re baptized! 2. If you’ve been baptized as a believer in Christ, remember and re-affirm that you identified completely with your Savior and Lord. 3. If you have not yet been baptized as a believer in Christ, don’t let anything hold you back from taking this awesome and important step of faith.

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