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Communion Service

July 1, 2018 Speaker: Adam Harbaugh

Topic: Sunday Message

Communion Sunday

Grace So Glorious

Verse 1
Beneath the cross of Jesus Christ
No shadow remains for shame to hide
Redemption shone for all to see
Perfection bore our penalty with a grace so glorious

Verse 2
Immortal day the veil was torn
When mercy donned crown of thorns
As law gave way to liberty and freedom
For humanity with a grace so glorious

Misc 1
And oh the glory of the Savior's love
Surrounding our surrender
To know forever we are welcomed home

Chorus 1
Crowned in glory to glory
Worthy is the Lord
Of all the glory forever
Holy is the Lord

Verse 3
Triumphant praises without end
All hailing the King of righteousness
And ev'ry eye beholds the One our hearts
Were undeserving of with a grace so glorious

Verse 4
O wondrous day when I will see
The face of Him who ransomed me
I'll fall in worship at His feet and rise
To reign eternally in a grace so glorious O in a grace so glorious

One Another: Doing Church Better

Next Sunday, July 8, we'll kick-off a new series entitled, "One Another: Doing Church Better." Throughout the summer you'll hear from our pastors as they walk us through several of the "one another" commands in the New Testament. Join us for this special series where we'll rediscover God's vision for His church as not just a place to attend, but a people united together for His glory.

Summer Schedule
Check out our schedule for Sundays in the summer at Hopevale, including our Hopevale Kids programming schedule.