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1 John Halftime (Q&A)

February 24, 2019 Speaker: Dan Davis Series: Confidence in the Chaos

Topic: Sunday Message

A 13-week message series in the book of 1 John

1 John Halftime Q&A

Today is our series half-time Sunday where we'll we'll have a Q & A session to address your questions from the 1 John series. You can also sign up to join the new 6-week D-groups which will launch next Sunday, March 3. If you never picked up a 1 John journal in the first half of the series, we have smaller versions of our journal available to cover the last six-weeks of the series. Finally, in addition to celebrating communion together, we are also offering elder prayer after the service on both campuses.

(1) “I’m new to the Bible and get confused finding passages, like all the different John books. Can you help me understand all that?”

(2) “We all struggle with sin in some way, but John seems to say we shouldn’t. How can I know that I have eternal life if I do sin?”

(3) “How should we respond to friends and coworkers who doubt the exclusive claim of Jesus to be the way to God?"

(4) 1st John 5:17 mentions “there is sin that does not lead to death.” However in Romans 6:23 it mentions that “the wages of sin is death.” Can you explain what John meant and why these two verses seem to contradict each other? Can a true believer walk in the darkness as per 1 John 1:6?

(5) “I don’t get along with this person. Quite frankly, they’re mean and I don’t want to be around them. So what do I do with the words in 1 John 2 about hate?”

(6) “In one of the messages you mentioned the conflict between John 3:16 (‘God so loved the world’) and 1 John 2:15 (‘Do not love the world’). How do I love the world the John 3:16 way without slipping into the 1 John 2:15 love for the world?”


Congratulations on completing the first half of our series!

• How about a potluck time this week? Organize some food and get-to-know-you conversation. You may have newcomers at this meeting - people who sign up for the second six weeks of the study.

• You could also take time to read through 1 John together and talk about any questions your group has at this halfway point.

Enjoy your time together, and get ready for the second half of Confidence in the Chaos !

1 John series start page
Check out this link for more information about our 1 John series Discussion Groups. We have a new round of 6-week D-Groups starting next week beginning Sunday, March 3. You can also access the electronic version of our 1 John journal here.

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